Tanka – for the Sha


dreams 7 below

Dreams 7 below
These Waukesha scorchers suck
Suck the cool away
Thermy thingy on the wall
I’m dream’n 7 bellow

A memorial

Thank you my Brother
Thank you my fighting Sister
You fell in my stead
Our freedoms did you purchase
Our freedoms we must honor

Constitutional carry

whats so scary Fed?
God given right to defend
tax – fee – “sign in” free
Constitutional carry
This world is full of tyrants

I’ve made the rapture

I woke to His r’ward
Wife in arms n kids in home
I woke to His r’ward
Better then all golden roads
Sweeter than any crown… Love

Friday night rock outs

Friday night rock outs!
Twin guitars n tamborines
Why can’t we head bang?
South Main needs to rock !
Li’l death metal for the Sha !!!

Sha water…. Shameful

Sha water… Shameful

Backroom dealings secret meets

Noth’n accomplished

Lots o’ “mayors” passed the buck

“Maybe next term… Vote for me”

By the Capital

By the Capital

Drive by protest protesting

Shouted up Walker


Sad faces… Hurt they feel’ns…

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